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Installation Costs as low as $99 depending on your distance and line-of-sight  from one of our 25 towers and repeaters

Call us today for a site survey to see if we have signal  at your location! (423-727-3001)



We now have static public ip addresses available as an option for your Internet.  View your security cameras from your other home.  Host your own server.  This allows you to reach your network from anywhere.  Contact us for more details!

We provide high speed Internet access via fixed wireless microwave to the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina including:

Watauga Lake - Internet access for Watauga Lake is provided from towers at Pioneer Landing, Stone Mountain, Sink Mountain, Lake Breeze Campground, Heartwood, and more!

Mountain City - Internet Service is available via public wifi in much of the city provided, of course, by your Mountain City ISP, us!

Johnson County, TN - We are the ISP for eastern Johnson County with high speed wireless and DSL.

Dry Run area - High speed Internet connectivity is provided to Dry Run from numerous towers in the area.

Beech Mountain - Our tower on Stone Mountain feeds the north side of Beech Mountain with high speed Internet.

Boone and Watauga County - Our radios high on Rich Mountain offer high speed Boone Internet service as an alternative to DSL or Cable.  Symmetric speeds allow faster uploads.  Your Boone ISP also provides business DSL, Cable & Fiber Internet service. 

Non-discrimination and Network Openness Policy

  High Country Online encourages broadband deployment and preserves and promotes the open and interconnected nature of the public Internet.

      High Country Online is committed to offering wholesale access to services and facilities at reasonable rates and terms and will enter into good faith negotiations with potential providers upon request.

      High Country Online provides notice of policy changes to customers through this web page and through email announcements.


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Internet Customers!  
You are a part of a growing  neighborhood network that consists of 25 towers and repeaters that serve you the fastest internet possible! 

We thank our repeater locations for making it possible to beam the internet at the speed of light into areas of the mountains that could not  otherwise get high speed internet!

Get one month service FREE!  Refer a customer who signs up for six months! Call for details 423 -727-3001

Nationwide numbers
Only $12 Monthly

No Busy Signals

Call 423-727-3001

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Hardware Sales
Hardware Diagnostics
Software Diagnostics
Data Retrieval
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We currently have great signal in the Boone area.

Cherokee Forest Mountain Cabins now has High Country Online internet service for their guests.

Pioneer Landing
now has High Country Online internet service for their residents.

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A special thanks goes to Danny Herman, who helps makes our service possible.


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